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WI Resolutions - 2016

Responses by: January 9th

Responses to: Rachel

Those of you that have been in the WI for a while will be aware that January is when we have to respond with our chosen resolution for discussion at the 2016 Annual Meeting.  For our new members here is a short summary of the process!

The WI as an organisation have been raising awareness on issues that matter to women and their families since the WI was formed in 1915.  As part of this process a shortlist of potential resolutions is issued in November and each WI has the opportunity to discuss these resolutions within their club and respond with the resolution that they would like to be supported.  The responses from each WI are collated and then a short list is compiled and sent out for further discussion later in the year.

In order to give us time to collate the results please can you respond by January 9th with your preferred choice.  If you would like more information on the resolutions then the WI Life magazine that you received recently will have more detail.